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AWS: EB CLI Throws Exceptions VersionConflict and/or DistributionNotFound

When running EB CLI, do you run into the following error?

I ran into this error today. Apparently it was caused by installing AWS CLI after EB CLI:
pip install awscli
Reinstalling EB CLI solved the issue:
pip install awsebcli

Samsung Technology

PS3 Blu-ray Disc Remote Control: How to Make It Work With Your Samsung TV

PS3 Blu-ray Disc Remote Control

I can finally rejoice! I was happy with my new PS3 Blu-ray Disc Remote Control since I watch most of my media on my PS3. The only downside was I couldn’t get it to work with my Samsung TV (model LN52B610 52″ 1080P LCD HDTV), but after having read the manual I realized I can make it work… but I needed the programming code.

The manual lists the possible codes for Samsung TVs: 459, 460, 461, 462, 463, 464, 465, 466, 467, 468. I tried them all and gathered that both 464 and 465 worked. I was happy for a bit but realized that the remote didn’t work quite anything like the original Samsung remote: the directional buttons were used as volume/channel control, and some other buttons like Return didn’t do anything. I figured the features were just limited for universal remote controls.

After a few hours, I couldn’t stand the fact that I had limited control over my TV, so I started investigating. Considering both codes 464 and 465 work, there have got to be others, and maybe one of them will allow my remote control to give me full control.

I finally hit the jackpot when I ran into an Amazon review. The author suggested using code 304, and lo and behold, it worked!

Apple Computers Mac Technology

Help: My MacBook (Air/Pro) Won’t Charge!

I had a panic attack today. I had left my MacBook Air inside its sleeves and on my bookshelf for a week since I didn’t have an immediate need for it and I didn’t want someone stealing it. I took it out today to prepare it for a trip overseas, only to find that my MacBook Air wasn’t charging and the charger LED wasn’t turning on. I opted not to buy the extended AppleCare, and mine expired a few months ago. I looked up the cost for a new charger to find out it’ll cost me $79. $79!!! I knew of Apple and their premium prices, but I still found it shocking.


Apple Random Technology

Number One Reason to Go With a Mac

Mac OS X vs Windows. This subject is talked to death on a daily basis, but what really sets them apart? Given that the only way to buy a Mac is to pay a premium to Apple as opposed to Windows being offered by multiple providers, one can see why Windows has the majority of the market. Even so, if you follow the trend these days, you will notice the Mac OS is eating away little chunks of the market month by month, with 10% being within sight. But why should you buy an expensive Mac over a Windows PC? Aside from the usual list of pros and cons, one major factor is overlooked by many: its resell value.

Apple iPhone Technology

How to fix your unresponsive iPhone 4 home button without opening it up

Do you have an iPhone 4 with an unresponsive home button? It’s quite frustrating isn’t it? It was for me, but after struggling with it using various fix methods over the last few months, I no longer have the problem. Rather than taking your iPhone apart to replace your home button, try this simple solution first and see if it fixes your problem.