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Help: My MacBook (Air/Pro) Won’t Charge!

I had a panic attack today. I had left my MacBook Air inside its sleeves and on my bookshelf for a week since I didn’t have an immediate need for it and I didn’t want someone stealing it. I took it out today to prepare it for a trip overseas, only to find that my MacBook Air wasn’t charging and the charger LED wasn’t turning on. I opted not to buy the extended AppleCare, and mine expired a few months ago. I looked up the cost for a new charger to find out it’ll cost me $79. $79!!! I knew of Apple and their premium prices, but I still found it shocking.


I did what any sensible person would do, which is to start googling to find a do-it-yourself solution to my problem. Most people would suggest resetting SMC, or just simply going to the Apple Store and letting the Genius people take care of it. But what if you no longer have AppleCare and resetting SMC doesn’t work?

I managed to find one solution that finally worked for me. I’d give the site credit, but I closed the page and can’t find it any more. So the solution to the charging problem is… wait for…

Sit on the charger.

Seriously, I found this ridiculous, but figuring I had nothing to lose, I tried it anyway. I sat on my charger, noting that it was slightly cold due to cold weather, for a few minutes and gave it a go. Still nothing, the LED didn’t turn on. I tried sitting on it again, this time a bit longer. This time around, the LED turned green and then orange a few seconds later. Score!



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Electronics hate two things, voltage spikes and HEAT.

The heat “solution ” is crazy.

What you have is in intermittent connection and after heating

it just happened to connect.


I didn’t believe this for one second but thought I had to try it as i’m stuck in Mexico with no Apple store anywhere near me. It worked. I was stunned but happy!


Wow! I left my Mac Air on the desk for 2 months and came back to it unable to charge. I sat on the charger for 10 minutes for bam, the light on the charger came on and my laptop was charging.

Big thanks!!!


Had the same problem after I moved my charger to a colder room and left it sitting on a wooden floor. Moved it to another room, warmed it under my armpit, and, ta-da!, worked immediately!!!

Thanks so much for the fix!


If only it would hatch into 2 chargers after sitting on it. At its price, could be a good income generator…

All jokes aside, it is probably humid and leaving it for a week in the cold creates sweat, which is not good for circuits…

Apple have thought this through, no worries, 79 bucks for a charger…


It works.
After replugging my charger in every outlet in this hotel for an hour… wiggling… pushing buttons… everything!!!

Sitting on it worked.

Thanks so much!!!


Ok, it’s stupid and haven’t a clue why but it works! Tried it with my hands and nothing happened. Used wife’s hairdryer for just a couple of minutes and….it works. Thanks to all for the tip!


Worked for me too, thanks a lot. Some time ago i’ve replaced ir for a new charger because of this problem, and throw the old one away, what a piece of crap from Apple!

Thanks John


Thought I would have to drive 200 miles to nearest store to fix, tried every plug in this vacation house. But damned! This worked. Thank ya jeezus!


Is this serious? Can’t even try what the other blogs are saying that I should restart my laptop as it doesn’t have any battery left. Will try this too tho. Thanks for sharing!


I wouldn’t belive it while heating my charger with hair dryer.
But it works! Wow!!
Thank you very much for this great tip! And saving my money.


I have an opposite problem. Living in India that too in summer. My adapter only heats up and no light on magsafe connector. Battery looks fine, no bulging. Does not work without battery, assume it is adapter problem. Tried putting the adapter in refridgerator but no use !!


Thanks! This trick didn’t quite work for me but got me thinking about temperature being an issue… and I realized it was my MacBook Air that was having issues with starting up and accepting a charge due to being too cold.
Recently the temps in my home have been getting down into the 40’s and 50’s, so I guess thats a little colder than my laptop likes it lol. Instead of sitting on my laptop to warm it up, I tried sliding it under my dog while he was napping on the couch… and sure enough it finally started up and began accepting a charge again. 😂


It’s unbelievably but that’s true, this abnormal method works, thanks a lot, my charger MagSafe come back to live again.


Yes I can confirm with my 2 MacBook Air.
I used a hairdryer to heat the adapter for 5 mins and then connected to the Air for 5 mins and suddenly the charger LED light turned on and the Air booted up.
For the other one , I needed to connect the charger to the Air and used the hairdryer to heat for 10 mins! Then the charger LED turned orange and after a few mins the Air also booted up.


IT WORKED!!! Holy cow! Had to sit on it for quite a while (3-4 minutes), and even flipped it over at one point, so that both sides got warmed up, but it bloody well worked. Thank you so much!


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