Should I become a software engineer?

This post was composed on March 20, 2018, and I never published it. I thought it was interesting looking back.

March 20, 2018

That is where all the money is at, right? Strive for what you want to be for your career, if all fails, use software development as a fallback career? Work for Google? Maybe Apple? How about Amazon? Or Facebook?


Amazon Web Services PHP Now on AWS!

My WordPress site is now on AWS! I spent a good chunk of my time debugging the All-in-One WP Migration plugin to get my migration working, and I finally realized I skipped an important step in their migration documentation:

Migrate WordPress from PHP 5 to PHP 7

1. Make sure that all plugins are deactivated. This will ensure your website error is not caused by any third-party software

If you are getting stuck in the “Done Preparing Blogs” stage, then it could be because you didn’t deactivate all the plugins.


Amazon Web Services will be moved to AWS

It’s funny, I was confident I was going to post more often this year. I promise myself I would back in January, and here we are, half a year later, for my second post of the year. So many things have happened, which I hope to write about in later posts.

I recently took an AWS class under the UCLA extension program. It felt like a long 10 weeks, but I am very glad I went through with it. With some AWS experience now under my belt, I feel like I have enough knowledge to start my migration from Hostmonster to AWS.

Stay tuned.


Happy 2018!

Happy new year! I have been lazy with my posts the past months (years?) so as part of my new resolutions I plan to write more.

While I am here, I will leave a tip on how to better yourself as a software developer/enthusiast: practice, learn, practice. Continue to learn, and repetition is key to nailing information in your brain! Also, check out or for study material.


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xlsjs: “Error: Unrecognized ExtProp type: 2 0”?

While working on ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) projects at work, I ran into an unusual issue using xlsjs:

Error: Unrecognized ExtProp type: 2 0

After digging through the xlsjs source code, I realized that it was following the MS-XLS Specifications, as it should, and section 2.5.108 ExtProp, the extType value that I was running into was not defined in the table. Seeing as the format structure was related to formatting, I forked the xlsjs library and created a version that was more forgiving.

If you are running into this issue and want a workaround, try xlsjs2.