Apple Technology

Apple to Trump Microsoft?

Apple’s reports vs Microsoft’s reports show that Apple topped Microsoft in 3rd quarter revenue (source).

Back in May, it was announced the Apple surpassed Microsoft and became the 2nd largest U.S. company by market capitalization. I believe it won’t be long before Apple makes Microsoft the littler man it is like facebook did with myspace.

Apple Technology

Steve Jobs Documentary

Click here to watch a 48 minute documentary on Steve Jobs.

I never really cared for the Apple company or any of its products until I bought my first mobile device: the iPhone 3G.  The phone was amazing, there was no device like it at the time, and I’d spend a good chunk of my free time fiddling with it or playing games. With the release of the iPad, which I have yet to purchase, it further perked my interest in the company. With just a few months shy from the release of the iPhone 4, I started checking up on Apple news and conferences on a regular basis. I found myself reading a lot about the company (e.g. Macrumors) and before I knew I was headed to Apple fandom.

PHP Programming

PHP MVC framework war

Back when CakePHP’s v1.2 was still in its beta stage, I started learning the PHP language using the MVC (model-view-controller) framework, and I grew to love the language. I became more fluent with the language as I grew more biased towards cake. I would often google MVC comparisons like “CakePHP vs codeigniter“, or “CakePHP vs symfony“, etc, but in my heart, I knew CakePHP was the one for me.


Hello World indeed

After months of contemplating coding my own blog site, I managed to get together a nice CI (codeigniter) + doctrine bundle to get started, but got lazy and so I never got past finishing the header.

If it wasn’t for work, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with wordpress either. But here I am, in a situation where I needed to get familiar with the open source app. So far my impressions have been great. Had I had known such app existed, I probably would have started using it a long time ago.

Hello World!