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Easy way to lose weight and stay fit… for lazy people!

I’m sure those who are interested in losing weight or slimming down have one point or another searched online for a way to lose their excess weight and stay fit. If you are one of them, you know the steps to fitness are complicated: watching your weight, grocery shopping for health foods, learning workout routines, etc. A lot of the times it’s a hassle and that’s something you don’t want in an already busy life.

What to eat

The good news is, if you are more than willing, losing weight and staying fit does not have to be hassle at all. Most professionals will tell you that you should cook your own food and to limit eating out. Well, the bad thing about that is most people hate cooking, and those who start out cooking end up giving up. So what’s the solution? To eat out, but be selective about what you eat.

That pretty much limits the places you can go. Subway is always a good choice, and is usually the place calorie-conscious people go to eat. Here are a few ordering tips when ordering from Subway:

  1. Order one of those low fat footlongs. Ordering a footlong will feel like you’re eating more and you will feel more satisfied.
  2. Keep to the low fat footlong options. If you are going to order something else make sure it has less than 500 calories.
  3. Never ask for extras or doubles for anything. Keep the sandwich at default.
  4. Do not load up your sandwich with condiments. If you really need that extra taste then ask for mustard and vinegar, but nothing else.
  5. Do not make it a meal. That means no chips, no cookies, no soda, etc. Just ask for water.
  6. Try out a different sandwich every time you eat or else you may get tired of the food.

Always make sure to eat your food slowly, and to enjoy every bite. There are anecdotal evidence that wolfing down food leads to overeating, and I’m inclined to agree with that. Eating too fast won’t help with your metabolism anyway.

Subway isn’t the only place with low calorie food selections. There are plenty of other places (e.g. Quizno’s) and with people becoming more aware of the number of calories in the foods restaurants have been including the number of calories next to their items.

With this plan, you can eat out almost every meal and shed those extra pounds.

How to exercise

Eating has a large part in staying fit, but another good way to slim down is to burn those calories. By exercising of course.

You can always hire a trainer to motivate you to workout, but they’re usually expensive and you can’t always have a trainer with you. You can try working out with a friend, but with possible schedule conflict it usually won’t last. Memorizing workout routines and keeping track of workout progress is not easy, especially for a lazy person, so how can you exercise without much preparation?

Group exercise classes help a great deal if nothing else works. You don’t want slack off during class because you don’t want to look weak compared to others. Here are some tips on taking group exercise classes:

  1. Sign up for a gym that offers free exercise classes. 24 Hour Fitness usually offers those, as well as Bally Totally Fitness.
  2. Grab an exercise class schedule and choose at least 4 classes a week. 2 classes I recommend are yoga and cycling.
  3. Keep to the schedule. If you miss one class, take another during the same week to make up for it.
  4. Classes are usually an hour long. Do not leave early!

With the instructors doing your exercise preparation for you, all you need to do is attend their class and follow their instruction. I make it sound easier than it really is, but believe me, if you last at least a month or two then it becomes easier.

And always take a bottle of water with you to keep hydrated.

Hot body guaranteed!

Eating and exercising are the two keys to fitness. If you shape your eating and exercising habits by following these directions you should be able to reach your goal within a year, but it is recommended that by then you lose your laziness and start eating healthier and extend your workout routines.

On your mark, get set, go!

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