Apple Technology

Steve Jobs Documentary

Click here to watch a 48 minute documentary on Steve Jobs.

I never really cared for the Apple company or any of its products until I bought my first mobile device: the iPhone 3G.  The phone was amazing, there was no device like it at the time, and I’d spend a good chunk of my free time fiddling with it or playing games. With the release of the iPad, which I have yet to purchase, it further perked my interest in the company. With just a few months shy from the release of the iPhone 4, I started checking up on Apple news and conferences on a regular basis. I found myself reading a lot about the company (e.g. Macrumors) and before I knew I was headed to Apple fandom.

Steve Jobs is a revolutionary. He has made a huge impact in the technology world and will always have a spot in world history. He has had a great influence in everyone’s lives and if you believe otherwise, then you have been living under a rock. He is the true story and engine behind Apple.

The documentary takes you back over 25 years and interviews a lot of his colleagues and friends. I won’t go into any details, as you should watch it for yourself. I just wish I had bought Apple stocks 7 years ago….


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