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How to fix your unresponsive iPhone 4 home button without opening it up

Do you have an iPhone 4 with an unresponsive home button? It’s quite frustrating isn’t it? It was for me, but after struggling with it using various fix methods over the last few months, I no longer have the problem. Rather than taking your iPhone apart to replace your home button, try this simple solution first and see if it fixes your problem.

The fix is very simple, but use precaution and never use too much force:

  1. Take your iPhone and plug in your power cable.
  2. With your iPhone facing up, use your thumb to gently push the fat part of your iPhone power cable (the part attached to the iPhone) upward, causing it to bend towards your iPhone screen.

That’s it.

If you’ve done it correctly, your home button should be responsive and good as new. I’ve tested this method on my iPhone 4, and it worked beautifully, and I imagine it’ll work the same for any iPhone model.

I cannot take credit for this fix. The fix was originally suggested by a person under the alias “Killer Woo” who posted a comment in this article.

If this method did not fix your problem, you can buy an extra iPhone 4 home button online, and use this great guide to replace it.


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