NBA Lockout for Dummies: the Owners Can’t Lose

Fans can cry, the players can argue, but in the end, the owners will be the victors. The NBPA and NBA can negotiate all they want, but the owners will eventually get what they want. Why? Because the NBA franchise is not their daytime job, but rather an investment. For the players, playing in the NBA is what brings in the dough. They can threaten to play overseas, start their own league, or do whatever they can to try and make the owners feel uncomfortable, but in reality they need the NBA more than the NBA needs them.

There are three perspectives to consider when looking at the lockout. Let’s list them and their relations to NBA:

  • Fans: entertainment
  • Players: money
  • Owners: money

To the fans, they are merely that, fans. They like to watch competitions between the super talented people, and they are willing to spend the time and money for the enjoyment. If there is a lengthy lockout, there is potential of losing fans but most should still be around once the lockout is over.

The players are what drives the league. They are the performers that are the center of attention, and they are what’s bringing the money into the game. Unfortunately, outside of their basketball skills they probably can’t do much else to make cash, thus leaving them vulnerable to the owners. An extended lockout will hurt them financially.

The owners, like the players, are in this for the money. Unfortunately, due to bad player contracts and other business decisions, most teams are losing money. This is what the owners are fighting for, a CBA (collective bargaining agreement) that will guaranteed a profit each year. A lockout will not affect the owners much financially, and if losing games means they get what they want, they will not mind seeing a season go down the toilet.

In the end, the owners are the employers and the players are their employees. The owners have the moolah, and the players will not be able to beat them, no matter how determined they are. If they are smart, they will accept the 50-50 deal and start playing games so that they can start receiving their checks again.


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