2012 NBA Player Rankings

I have listed NBA’s top ranking players. You can find the original list here. I have only listed these rankings since the source didn’t have a page that listed all 500. Enjoy.

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The Hate on Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin has grabbed a lot of attention as of late. I personally used to like the guy during his rookie season until I started seeing him for what he really is: a hypocrite. He is loved by many, mostly by those in LA, but hated by other players and league fans of opposing teams. Some are not even sure why they hate him, but they know they just do.
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NBA Lockout for Dummies: the Owners Can’t Lose

Fans can cry, the players can argue, but in the end, the owners will be the victors. The NBPA and NBA can negotiate all they want, but the owners will eventually get what they want. Why? Because the NBA franchise is not their daytime job, but rather an investment. For the players, playing in the NBA is what brings in the dough. They can threaten to play overseas, start their own league, or do whatever they can to try and make the owners feel uncomfortable, but in reality they need the NBA more than the NBA needs them.
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