The Hate on Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin has grabbed a lot of attention as of late. I personally used to like the guy during his rookie season until I started seeing him for what he really is: a hypocrite. He is loved by many, mostly by those in LA, but hated by other players and league fans of opposing teams. Some are not even sure why they hate him, but they know they just do.

Blake Griffin has a promising future: he’s young, athletic, rebounds like no other, and can get to the basket regardless of who’s guarding him. I used to put him in the same level as Kevin Love, but Love has really stepped up his game this season.

Griffin is no pushover: he can muscle his way into anything, and with sheer power he can pull off stunts that don’t look humanly possible. I have no complaints with his rough plays. In fact, rough plays make the game more fun and I encourage it, but it’s when Griffin complains (to refs) about the opposing player trying to match his rough plays that really irritates people. If Griffin’s going to play rough and shove his balls deep into his opponents’ faces, fine, but just know that his opponents are going to want to pay him back for what he did.

Last night, DeMarcus Cousins came out publicly and called Griffin out for being an “actor” and how the league babies him, and I, along with many others, agree with him. It has gotten to the point where Griffin can get away with offensive (and maybe flagrant) fouls but get calls for little baby touches. It is getting ridiculous.

Blake Griffin lacks a lot of respect for other players and the game. If this doesn’t stop then I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw more Jason Smith type fouls in the near future.


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