Should I become a software engineer?

This post was composed on March 20, 2018, and I never published it. I thought it was interesting looking back.

March 20, 2018

That is where all the money is at, right? Strive for what you want to be for your career, if all fails, use software development as a fallback career? Work for Google? Maybe Apple? How about Amazon? Or Facebook?


As a kid, I was always into computers. Breaking them. Fixing them. Breaking them again. Fixing them for others. Having spent countless hours in front of a computer monitor, I knew I was destined to have a career that is computer related.

I have come a long way now, having a senior software engineer title. My current company offers two career paths I can take, to become a software architect or go for a dev manager position, which is my current dilemma (first world problems, right?). In past years, I have given career advice to those who were lost, telling them that the worst salary you can have is almost always better than other random jobs you can find, so becoming a software developer is not a bad choice. Looking back, I don’t think it was sound advice.

Why do people have jobs? To make money. To survive in this stinking world that requires money to survive. So obviously a high paying job like being a software engineer should be the answer. The only problem is, without passion for software, it is hard to advance.

Anyone can pick up a programming book and work through the tutorials. If motivated enough, anyone can hack together a web application. At some point, the person can snatch an entry-level software engineer position.

End post.

To the above post, I have to say, the company you work for is like having a second family: you spend a good chunk of your life in the office, and your coworkers are your close friends and family (in most cases). If you don’t enjoy the work you do, then the job is not for you.


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