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Apache Drill: Error Starting Drill in Embedded Mode

I’ve been checking out Apache Drill and everything was fine, until today. I tried running Drill in embedded mode, per usual, when I ran into the following exception:

Well, OK then. I tried Googling the exception, fully expecting this to happen to others, but Google didn’t have an answer either. So I searched for an answer in Apache Drill’s documentation (

Error Starting Drill in Embedded Mode

Symptom: Address already in use Solution: You can only run one Drillbit per node in embedded or distributed mode using default settings. You need to either change ports used by Drillbit or stop one Drillbit before starting another.

This didn’t provide me with an answer either, so I was pretty much on my own. I carefully re-read the exception, and it appeared to me that it was trying to connect using an IP address that wasn’t local to my machine.

So I turned off my wi-fi, ran drill-embedded, and it ran fine.


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