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PHP: sqlsrv problems with UTF-8 values? Set your CharacterSet option!

Are you banging your head trying to figure out how to convert a seemingly invalid UTF-8 value into a valid one? You might be surprised to know that the problem isn’t how PHP interprets the characters, but rather a database connection issue. If the UTF-8 value in question looks valid in the database but does not look right when displayed on a web page, that could mean your database connection settings are not set correctly.

Database PHP Programming

PHP: Importing an SQL file via PHP script

Trying to import an SQL file using PHP? Most people will tell you that using PHP function shell_exec to run the MySQL client is your best bet, but what if you simply can’t do it that way? The solution is quite simple, actually, and doesn’t require programming skills beyond the basic file parsing and query executing.

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SQL Server: SELECT INTO inside both IF and ELSE blocks

I ran across this problem earlier today, and thought I should address this here in case anyone is interested in my solution.

When doing a SELECT INTO command against the same temp table in both IF and ELSE blocks, you will quickly learn that SQL Server complains that there “is already an object named ‘#temp’ in the database”. What one can do to avoid this problem is declare the temp table before the IF/ELSE block and insert into the table afterwards, but what if you want to use SELECT INTO instead?

if @var = 1
	select 'abc' into #temp;
	select 'def' into #temp;

select * from #temp;